Ramir Rabaza / Treasurer

Hello everyone! My name is Ramir Rabaza Jiménez, I am from Castelló (Spain). I am 19 years old and currently studying a European Studies Bachelor. My life changed completely when in 2011 (when I was 12) I and my family moved to Stockholm and I completed the International Baccalaureate there. I made some very good friends and I got used to being in an international atmosphere. Then I took a gap year in my homeland thinking what to study and where. I wanted to study abroad (here in Sweden) since I got the opportunity to do so. I also wanted to explore the world, discover a new city and begin a new life here in Malmö. 

Why the ESN board?

I decided to take part in ESN because I like to be active and productive. I also wanted to be involved in university-related projects as I am a person that really enjoys learning new things, projects, challenges etc.

Random facts about me

I love to do all kinds of sports, currently, I am a Futsal (Indoor Football) player at FC Rosengård Div1 trying to promote to the highest division in Sweden. I also played chess in 'SK Rockaden' in Stockholm and 'Círculo Mercantil' in Castelló for several years. I often practice sports such as martial arts, running, road and mountain cycling and I am always open to practice different sports. In my free time, I like to hang out with friends, read, watch movies and keep up with the news.