Traveling by bicycle is the most convenient and by far the cheapest way to get from point A to point B in Malmö. Since most places are within a few kilometres of anything else, it’s often no more than 5-20 minutes of riding away. Bikes can then be sold on at the end of your period in Malmö to end up being the best investment you made here!


How to get a bicycle

ReBike Malmö is the biggest refurbishers of bicycles in Malmö. They often have bicycle auctions where you can get a bicycle for cheap.

The cheapest place to buy a completely new bicycle is at Biltema, which is next to ideal. Prices can be found on

Renting a bicycle

When you first arrive it might be hard for you to already have found a bicycle, so here are some ways for you to quickly get into the Malmö rhythm while you find your own:

Malmo By Bike

Donkey Republic





Skånetrafiken is the main bus operator in Malmö and is recognizable by their green buses. The yellow buses you see going in and out of the city are regional buses and go to other cities in Skåne. Be aware that the fees on the green and yellow buses differ depending on where you are going.
Please note! It is not possible to pay with cash on the bus. 

Here are some other tips to get you started (select 'translate')

Learn here how to use the Skånetrafiken app (Students can get 30% discount but have to show their Mecenat card when getting checked on the bus)

Learn here about the different types of tickets

Learn here how to purchase your ticket

Learn here about the Jojo Card and which one you should get (We recommend the Jojo Card for students)

Can I bring my bike or pet on the bus? What if I forgot my luggage? (And other general questions)

 When you are under 20 you are considered a 'barn' (child) and can get discount on buses (and trains) in Skåne.

Bus route 999

Bus route 999 travels from Copenhagen to Malmö around eight times a day on weekdays and three times on Saturdays. The journey takes 60 minutes around eight times a day on weekdays and three times on Saturdays.The tickets cost around 150 SEK (return ticket valid for the whole day). It is cheaper to buy a ticket with Flixbus when going to Copenhagen, but the buses do not go as frequently as bus 999.


Note: There is no bus service on Sundays and on the following days: Dec 23-27, 31 and Jan 1-3, March 25, May 5.


Check out the current schedule.


Stops in Copenhagen:

-Kongens Nytorv
-Nørreport St.
-Central St. (outside Hotel Plaza)
-Sydhavnen (Bådehavnsgade)
-Airport (Terminal 2)

Stops in Sweden:

-Hyllie (Malmø Arena)
-Gustav Adolfs T.


Flixbus is a cheap bus company that operates in many parts of Europe. From Malmö, you can take the Flixbus to different cities in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands for a cheap price. 

Good stuff: You can get discount on Flixbus tickets with your ESNcard! 



If you do not want to overpay or get misguided by the taxi driver we recommend to use the app 'Taxi 97'. You get the lowest fare when you order a taxi straight from their app. You can also call them on the phone by using this phone number: 040-979797.

A certified taxi always has their number written on their car.



SJ - Operates in Sweden

Make sure to purchase your SJ train tickets in advance through their website or at Central Station. The earlier you purchase your ticket, the cheaper the fare will be. If you are a student and you have the Mecenat card you can travel with student discount on the SJ trains.

Skånetrafiken ​- Operates in Skåne and the Öresund region

Border controls

Keep in mind that when you are travelling from Copenhagen to Sweden you have to show valid identification documents at the border (Hyllie).


A Valid ID is:


- Nordic driver's license, passport or national ID card for Nordic citizens

- Passport or national ID cards for all other European citizens

- Passport and, if the required state (in the form of a visa or residence permit) for other citizens who are not citizens of a European country.


Without a valid ID, the police can come and carry out a detailed examination outside of the train. For more information on border controls and the identity documents refer to the police.


Travel from Denmark to Sweden


- Do you have a valid ticket, for example, a Jojo Period Öresund: Copenhagen H - Malmö? Then you can also apply this to the Metro, DSB's train and the Movias buses - the Danish city buses in Copenhagen between Copenhagen H and Copenhagen Airport.

- The trains cross the Öresund Bridge every 20 minutes.

- The number of train wagons is adapted to the border controls, leading to the wagon shortage and thus shorter trains. At times, this can lead to overcrowded trains.

- Police border control happens at the Hyllie station, this means that all travellers must show identification documents.

- In Malmö, you may have to change trains if you're travelling further north.


Travel from Sweden to Denmark


There is no border control in the direction of Sweden to Denmark, but the train ride is still around 35 minutes.

Tip: Travelling with two people? Get the duo-ticket, this will save you a few Kronor.




From CPH Airport


Arriving through Copenhagen, you will need head to the train station, which is located at the airport terminal 3. It is very important, that you buy your train ticket to Malmö before you enter the tracks - you may

do so in the red Skånetrafiken ticket machines (different from the Danish "DSB" machines), found next to the track entrance. After obtaining your ticket, you will need to head down to track 1, where all trains to

Malmö departs from.The trains heading to Malmö may have any of the following destinations:

Göteborg C, Karlskrona, Kalmar C, 
Kristianstad C, Hässleholm, Växjö, Helsingborg C, Lund C, Halmstad C, or Malmö C.

Getting off at the stop “Malmö C”, take the escalator up to the station, and you are a 5-minute walk away from the university/city center.

Ticket cost: 11 EUR
Travel time: 20 minutes
Frequency: Every 20 minutes

Going to Malmö Studenthus from CPH Airport? Get out at Triangeln and take bus 35 in the direction of Kvarnby via Södernvärn. Get out at the bus stop called 'Thomsons Väg' and the Studenthus will be on your left across the road. Alternatively, you can get out at Central Station and take bus 5 in the direction of Stenkällan and get out at the bus stop called 'Ramels Väg'. Walk in the direction of the McDonalds and follow the road to the left for a good 5-7 minutes before crossing the road again and arriving at the Studenthus.

Going to Rönnen International from CPN Airport? Get out at Central Station and take bus 3 in the direction of Ringlinjen via Värnhem all the way to the end station 'Värnhem'. Rönnen International should be a five-minute walk from here.

Tip: You can use your train ticket to take the bus if purchased on the same day.


From Malmö Airport

Arriving from Malmö Airport, take the main exit and on your immediate right, you will see bus platforms for “Flygbussarna”, accompanied by a ticket machine. You may either purchase your ticket through this machine, kiosks inside the airport, or straight from the driver. Keep in mind, that you may only pay with a card both at the ticket machine and on the bus!

Make sure to hop the bus labelled “Malmö C”. You will be getting off at the final stop, which is across the canal from Malmö Central Station.

Ticket cost: 11 EUR
Travel time: 40-50 min
Frequency: Every 30 min - 1h

Tip: Want to travel cheaply by aeroplane? With the ESNcard you can get discount on Ryanair tickets! Check out more info at

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