As a member of ESN Malmö, joining one of our arranged pub crawls with Sandemans New Europe Copenhagen will only cost you 100sek! 
As of today, ESN Malmö arranges two Copenhagen pub crawls per semester - and people love it! 
Refer to our pub crawl event or Sandemans website to find out all the great perks and freebies you get with your ticket. 


Pub Crawl

Copenhagen’s nightlife is awesome!

Copenhagen, the home of Carlsberg, is a city famous for its beer, its nightlife and its parties. From cozy pubs and trendy cosmopolitan bars to wild nightclubs — on the Pub Crawl we see it all!

Meet local students and people from around the world who are looking to party. Experience the true Copenhagen party scene, without spending a ton of money to do so. There are many imitators, but the SANDEMANNEW Europe Pub Crawls are famous across the continent. Join us and find out why!


You must be 18+ to enjoy this night out. Please bring a valid photo I.D. and dress smart to enter the club. SANDEMANs NEW Europe Tours supports the responsible enjoyment of alcoholic beverages. When it is misused, alcohol can be dangerous. We want everyone to have an unforgettable night, but for your safety the bars visited on Pub Crawls will cut you off if you’ve reached your limit. The mission is to show you Copenhagen’s nightlife, not to get you drunk. For more information visit:


Sandemans New Europe Copenhagen also offers following tours: 


Free Tour of Copenhagen 



For hundreds of years the Danes were an unstoppable force of warriors, explorers and settlers – uniting Scandinavia, discovering America and bringing terror to the shores of Europe. Today Copenhagen’s history of fire and bloody battles lies hidden behind picturesque streets and colorful harbors.



As the days of conquest passed, Danish power was replaced with a rich cultural legacy of writers, artists and philosophers. The fairytale feel of the city where Hans Christian Andersen wrote is the home of incredible stories and unbelievably true histories: Viking adventurers; pirate-hunting Bishop Absalon; daring Danish WWII resistance fighters and more.

Our local expert guides will take you on a 2.5 hour walking tour through 6000 years of Copenhagen’s history and you’ll find out why the Danes are some of the happiest people in the world!

Meet us on the steps in front of the Town Hall on the Town Hall Square.



  • Copenhagen Town Hall
  • Tivoli Gardens
  • Danish Royal Palace
  • The Marble Church
  • Picturesque Nyhavn harbour
  • Hans Christian Andersen
  • Absalon – Warrior Bishop
  • Nazi Occupation
  • WWII Resistance
  • World’s oldest royal family
  • Strøget shopping mile
  • Nytorv
  • Gammeltorv
  • Kongens Nytorv
  • Danish Parliament
  • The Royal Danish Theater
  • Copenhagen Opera House

…and much more!

Alternative Copenhagen Tour

Discover how Copenhagen’s historic working-class district has evolved into a thriving community of young artists and entrepreneurs living and loving the uncharacteristically peaceful and funky streets of the Red Light District, lined with sex workers and drug addicts. Learn about the successes and challenges of the Danish welfare system that takes care of them. Hear the story of how the hippies took over a military base in the 70s. Walk down the notorious Pusher Street of the green-light district, just around the corner from some of the city’s most expensive real-estate.Outside of the centre and away from the mainstream attractions you’ll find a very different Copenhagen: across the water to the East lies the self-declared Free State of Christiania, and just south of the central train station the uber-hip district of Vesterbro. This 2 1/2 -hour tour is a story of two distinct neighbourhoods, one known for its green-light district, the other for its red-light district, each with a fascinating history bound together by their vibrant diversity and uncompromising counter-culture. Despite international fame, both places retain an edgy sense of freedom, creativity, and grittiness you won’t find in the downtown core.

Beyond the hipsters and gelato stands, there’s an amazing tale to tell about Copenhagen’s underground scene and the people who have made it, and continue to make it great. Once you’ve heard their stories, you’ll never want to live downtown again.

This tour lasts approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes
and includes the following destinations:

  • The Free State of Christiania
  • The uber-hip district of Vesterbro
  • The meat-packing district (Kødbyen)
  • The Red-Light District
  • The Green-Light District
  • Mikkeller gypsy brewery
  • Det skarpe Hjørne, Copenhagen’s hard drug nerve
  • Mariakirken
  • Mændenes hjem homeless shelter
  • The New Theatre (Det ny teater)
  • Eliaskirken
  • Absalonsgade museum street
  • The Royal shooting range

And much, much more!