Welcome to Malmö!

As we speak, around 400 new exchange- and international students are getting ready for the big move of studying abroad, specifically in Malmö. If you are one of these people, congratulations(!) - we believe you have made an amazing choice of a city and a university, and are very much looking forward to meeting you. 

About us:

ESN Malmö is an international student organisation, part of the Erasmus Student Network, working on the basis of students-helping-students to help newcoming international with their integration process and social life in Malmö University. Local sections like ESN Malmö are over 500 all around Europe - read more about ESN at esn.org.

What exactly do we do?

Before your arrival, you may have requested a student buddy from Malmö, and hopefully gotten in fruitful contact with them. This is a good example of the work of ESN - bringing together experienced students to help newcomers, build bridges and make friendships. 

You will be meeting the people of ESN in many occasions during your introduction period, as well as during your stay in Sweden. Together with the international office of Malmö University, we arrange the introduction weeks 17. - 26.8 - feel free to approach us with any questions at any point of the introduction period! 

The end of introduction does in no way mean that ESN disappears from your student life - on the very contrary, we constantly work to arrange events, trips and gatherings to bring some action in your life, and help you meet new international and swedish friends! 
Have you dreamt about the northern lights and arctic adventures or witnessing the wonders of the cultural giant Russia? We got you covered.  Maybe you are more into casual bonding moments over rounds of laser tag, class of yoga, a weekend in a cottage, some Swedish pastry baking, or a wild pubcrawl in Copenhagen? Maybe you would even like to engage into language exchange - practicing your newly learned swedish or slightly forgotten high-school french with native speakers - while enjoying some hot or cold beverages in a friendly atmosphere! 
To top it off we also arrange some charity- and awareness campaigns to support the local community.

This is just a small overview into activities we arrange on a weekly basis around the year - feel free to look around this webpage to get an overview of everything that is available for you! You can also see our handy calendar to see the already planned events in one place. 

How to reach us

During your entire stay in Malmö we hope, that you feel like you can come to us with any problems or questions you are having about your life here. 
Would there be anything in your mind, don't hesitate to either; 

Message us through our Facebook page


Email us at [email protected]

and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have an amazing semester in Malmö! 

With all the best regards,

- The ESN Malmö board