Hey, future Malmö students!

The arrival day is getting closer, and we hope you are more excited than anxious about what is to come. To possibly ease your travels a bit, we made a little compilation of the two most common ways of arrival: By bus from Malmö Airport, and by train from Copenhagen Airport.

After you arrive in Central Station, look for our lovely volunteers in bright vests - they will be there between 09:00 - 17:00 with the sole purpose of helping you find your way to the Studentcentrum, where you will officially begin your exchange journey.
If you arrive from Copenhagen, these individuals will be on the platform and you will see them once you exit your train - if you arrive by bus, head straight across the canal to the main station building, if you don't see anyone waiting for you at the stop.

If at any point you have questions, if something is unclear, or if you are lost at the airport - write to us on Facebook, we'll be available throughout the day! 

Both Malmö and CPH airports, as well as Malmö C(entral Station) should have wifi available.

Safe travels!