It is finally June, final deadlines are passing, sun is shining, and people are slowly crawling out of their study shelters to take the parks, the beaches, the streets! 

We want to congratulate everyone for passing through yet another semester, especially those, who successfully graduated. Good job!

For all the exchange students leaving Malmö we just want to say: Thank you for being with us!

We hope you had the most memorable exchange experience in Malmö, and have a safe trip home. One thing from now is certain; You, and your life will never be quite the same again - once you go international, you can't go back! 
Keep on discovering the possibilities of the world - it's a small place, and it's now more open for you. 
Travel, go visit your exchange friends (=family) in their countries, find new study- and internship opportunities abroad, and spread the word about mobility as a lifestyle!
You've taken the first step, and although it's now time to go back home, the things you have learned will stay with you, always.

For those of you staying for another semester; See you in August! If you want to kick-start your fall semester international style, find some information HERE:

Most importantly,

- ESN Malmö