If you like to meet people from all around the world and have fun while helping others, this is your chance to do so.

As a Buddy your help is mainly needed over email and/or facebook during December - January. We will assign you incoming exchange students that can ask you questions about Malmö and the University, Sweden in general... You're main task is to write emails to your buddy/buddies, offering help and answering questions. There will also be a Buddy night during the introduction weeks (On Thursday, January 15) where all Buddies and Students can get to know each other better. As a Buddy you are also welcome to join the rest of the introduction program as well, if you want to.

How many students you will get as a Buddy depends on how many exchange students are coming and how many of you awesome people want to be a Buddy for them. Usually the amount of incoming exchange in January is not that high, so you will probably get 2-4 students.

You need:

  • A friendly, helpful attitude
  • An email address ;)
  • Free time on January 15 in the evening

Click on the link below to sign up, you should receive an email after you send in the form. If that doesn't happen, or if you have any kind of questions ask us!


If you want to be a Fadder (mentor) in ESN Malmö, this means that you help us especially during the Orientation Weeks for new students (during January). We organize different kind of events like a trip to IKEA, a trip to Kallbadhuset, etc. for incoming international students where extra help is needed. This is a lot more time consuming than being a Buddy, but you also meet more people and might get to know them better. You don't have to be a fadder to be a buddy or vice versa. Soon you will find more information about becoming a fadder on this homepage.