Manos Anagnostou / Local Representative & Sea Battle Coordinator

Hello Everybody!! My name is Manos, a 23-year-old guy from Greece and this is my very first time here in Malmö and Sweden.
I am here to do my Master in Global Politics and at the same time, since the previous October, I also happen to be the Local Representative of ESN Malmö.

I am born and raised in the southern part of Europe, the island of Crete. I did bachelor studies in Athens, in the field of Political Science and History. During my 3rd year, I seized the opportunity to do exchange studies in Ghent, Belgium for the spring semester.            

Why the ESN board?

It was there that I got to know what ESN is for the first time. I totally loved the bunch of enjoyable people, doing all their best in order to offer us a variety of great activities throughout the semester. So I decided to join ESN when I would go back to Athens. Indeed I did! For one year, I was the Local Coordinator of the Social Erasmus program at my section (ESN Panteion). Having already been involved in ESN, it was enough easy and exciting for me to do it again. So now here I am, as the Local Representative & Sea Battle Coordinator of ESN Malmö.

What do I do on the board?

Being part of the ESN is a great chapter in my life. I have the chance to meet and do things for people from so many and different parts of the world. As the Local Representative, I am the “spokesperson” of the section on the national and international level. Moreover, one of my primary tasks is to plan and organize everything that our section needs to do as participating in our national event, which is known as “ESN Sea Battle”.

I am looking forward to meeting you all and do all my best, so as to offer you great experiences, during your stay in Malmö and Sweden.

Interesting facts about me

  • Back, in Greece, I was playing Basketball for 10 years. In general, I do love sports.
  • I have done Military Service! In Greece, it is an obligation for male citizens to be completed. So I spent 9 months, as a private, in the artillery.
  • Significant values in my life are Education, Solidarity and Humor.

Best regards,