Personal number/Swedish Tax number

If you are moving to Sweden from abroad and are planning to live in Sweden for one year or more, you are generally required to be registered in the Swedish Population Register. When you have been registered you will be given a Swedish personal identity number and be registered as living in a building with an address. In order to be registered in the Swedish Population Register (folkbokförd), you need to notify the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) that you intend to move to Sweden. Find the nearest tax agency officeshere.

Find more information that applies to your situation by choosing the following profiles:

I am an EU citizen or EEA country

I am a citizen of a non-EU, EEA country or stateless

I am a citizen of a Nordic country


Bank opening hours are between 9 am and 4 pm from Monday to Friday, with a 'late' opening until 6 pm on Thursday nights. All the Banks do not open on Saturdays. Money can be exchanged at banks open 5 days a week or bureaux de change like Forex open 7 days a week.


The Swedish currency is the Krona (SEK), which is divided into 100 øre.


1 krona, 5 kronor (silver colour)
10 kronor (brass)

Bank notes:
20 SEK, SEK 50, SEK 100, SEK 500 and SEK 1,000.
Credit cards
The majority of everyday purchases are made using cash or Maestro, the Swedish card payment system. Some smaller retailers and many supermarkets are not able to process payments made using an international VISA or MasterCard, so we recommend you to bring cash when visiting places you are not certain of accepting the major credit cards.

Opening a Swedish bank account

Getting a bank account for a non-Swede is quite a process. To open a bank account in Sweden you first need a Swedish person number and Swedish ID card. You also need to bring your passport, proof of address and a residence permit if you are coming from outside the EU. It can also help if you bring proof that you will be receiving some form of monthly income (in order to get a Visa debit/MasterCard).
You can open a bank account at SEB (easiest bank to open an account with) without a person number but can not access the account online until you have the Swedish ID card.

Language learning

There are a few ways to get involved with the Swedish language.

  1. You can take the introduction to Swedish language course at provided by the University of Malmö.

  2. There are also various language cafes in the Malmö/Lund area that accept all level of speakers:​

  3. The municipality of Malmo also offers a free course which you can apply for called SFI. To be eligible to apply you have to have a Swedish person number. The average wait time before you are offered a place can be anywhere from 1 to 3 months:


If you stay in Sweden for at least six months and during that time, or part of it, work here you will most often be fully liable for Swedish income tax on all your income and register to be taxed in Sweden. If you stay in Sweden for less than six months, you or your employer will most often need to apply for a Special income tax decision. More information about working in Sweden you can find here.

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