When it comes to food, Malmö is definitely the place to be. Whether you are in a hurry for class, want to enjoy good vegan food for cheap or need a nice quiet place to study with a cup of quality coffee by your side this city has it all! Of course, going out for dinner every week might not be affordable to everyone but it is definitely recommended to set aside a few pennies and treat yourself ones in a while. 



Beautiful acai bowls? Yes, please! Lotta Love Superfood bar serves delicious vegan/vegetarian breakfast bowls that taste good in your mouth and look good on your Instagram feed, find them on @lottalovelifestyle. In the same category 'cute, Swedish & delicious' you can find Uggla Kaffebar. Definitely not a place to be when you are on a budget but a great place to visit for a special occasion, you can find them also on Instagram (@ugglakaffebar).


Hurry and on a budget? The 7eleven has a great deal called 'pick & mix' where you can choose two items (sandwich, Tosti, yoghurt bowl, smoothie, juice or coffee) for 35 Kronor!



Soup lunch: Every Wednesday at Kölsvinet you can get a bowl of soup with bread for a great deal of 15 Kronor. You have to be a member of the Student Union and show your Mecenat card + be prepared to pay in cash. The lunch is always vegan and gluten-free and you can check out the weekly menu on the Facebook page of StudentKåren.

Grönt o Gott: Not feeling an appetite for soup? Right across Niagara, there is a salad bar where you can get a generous bowl of veggies, pasta, quinoa, wheat, meats, fish and other delicious salad toppings for 45 Kronor (meat/veggies) and 55 Kronor (fish). Be aware that this place is very popular and can have long queues during lunch breaks. Vegetarian/vegan options available.

Holy Greens:
A fancier salad can be enjoyed at Holy Greens where the variety of toppings is more diverse. Here a salad can cost you from 75 Kronor and up but leaves an explosion of flavours in your mouth. It is possible to order a salad online.
Vegetarian/vegan options available.

Central station: The Central station hosts a small food court where you can enjoy food from all the four corners of the world.

Noodle market: Looking for a low-budget all-you-can-eat lunch? Noodle market is an Asian restaurant located in the Triangeln shopping mall and offers you a buffet from early in the morning to early in the evening for an unreal price of 99 Kronor. The price includes a Mongolian BBQ, sushi, noodles, rice, meats, veggies and all you can drink soda and coffee/tea. There is no time limit so feel free to come around for a breakfast, stay for lunch and end your day here with a dinner.

Café Sorl: Cosy place near the Triangeln shopping mall where you can get healthy and tasty lunch. Generous portions when it comes to carrot cake and other sweets.

Café Agnez: Extremely cute and tiny café near Küngsparken where you can enjoy a vegan buffet for around 75 Kronor. Check out their unique backyard during nice weather, which is a great place to chill.

Far i Hatten: Not only is this place great for having a brunch (135 Kronor includes Skåne Apple cider and coffee from local roasters, 155 Kronor includes waffles) you can also party here till 2 or 3 in the morning with sometimes live bands/artists. Brunch is organised on Thursdays from 11:30 till 15:00 (Vegetarian options available).


Even if Swedes are not going out for dinner that often, you still can find great places within Malmö. We made a list of low budget and a bit more classy dining experiences here in Malmö to show that no matter how empty or filled your wallet is, there are a bunch of options you can choose from.

Möllans Falafel: If there is one thing Malmö is famous for, it is falafel. Now opinions may vary about which place makes the best falafel but Möllans falafel offers a variety of stuffings to fill your falafel roll with which is enough to satisfy your tummy for the whole day/evening. You can get a falafel for around 30/40 Kronor. Vegetarian/Vegan options available.

Malmö Goes Vegan: Every other week Fenix Miljöförening organizes a vegan dinner and cooking workshop at Kölsvinet where you can cook or eat a three-course vegan meal. You pay a low-fee of 50 Kronor to enjoy a starter, main course and dessert. Registration is required and can be done through their Facebook events or by sending them a message.

Tamnak Thai: For a mere 50 Kronor you can get a tasty Thai meal at this small restaurant located near Triangeln. Vegetarian/Vegan options available.

Shamiat: Probably the best Syrian food you can get in Malmö. Vegetarian/Vegan options available.

Vegan bar: Serving delicious vegan burgers for around 100 Kronor accompanied by vegan mayonnaise and mouth-watering potato wedges. Gluten-free options available.

Via Napoli: Great Italian restaurant where you can get the best-tasting pizza's in Malmö. The average price for a pizza is between 90/145 Kronor which does not rank this place as low-budget, but quality wise it is still a great choice. Vegetarian options available.

Bulls and Barrels: This place serves a variety of dishes from pasta to steak with an option to order vegetarian food as well. Prices are around 80/100 Kronor for a pasta and 180 Kronor for a rib-eye steak. Vegetarian options available.

Tusen & 2: Another great burger place that can be found in one of the hottest neighbourhoods of Malmö, Möllan. Expect to pay between 100-150 Kronor for a burger. You can choose to get your burger together with potato wedges, salad, rice, bulgur or baked potatoes. Vegetarian options available.

Kaos: A vegan paradise in the centre of Malmö. High-quality food is served here, lunch as well as dinner. Average price for a warm meal is around 130/150 Kronor.

Epicuré: High-end Italian cuisine for a reasonable price, dinner will cost you between 115 and 200 Kronor.

Bastard: An edgy, urban venue that is popular with the locals. Small plates offer nose-to-tail eating; start with a 'Bastard Plank' to share. It is advisable to book in advance. Expect to spend around 200 Kronor and up for a great dining experience.

Vollmers: The first and only two-star Michelin restaurant in Malmö. If you feel like experiencing haute cuisine and spending around 700 Kronor for it this is the place to be.


When you are living in Sweden there is one word that you will hear more often than anything else and that is 'Fika' (pronounced feekah). When someone asks you to go for a Fika it simply means to go for a coffee/tea and a snack, often sweet. A Fike can take place at any time of the day, lasting from 15 minutes to several hours. Swedes love to go for a Fika and they sure love a good cup of coffee, preferably in abundance (Scandinavians consume more coffee than any other nation in the world). This is why anywhere you turn in Malmö you can find a cosy coffee place serving you delicious coffee of good quality. Even though Fika can be experienced anywhere from the cafeteria to your kitchen there are a few places that are a must to visit, if not for the coffee then at least for the ambience.

Espresso House: I would say the Swedish equivalent to Starbucks. You can find Espresso House in several places in Malmö and is also a good place to study.

Waynes Coffee: Just as Espresso House you can find these joints in several places across town but if you are having a break from University there is one right across Niagara. Bonus, their chocolate muffins are heaven.

Lilla Kafferosteriet: Sweet, little coffee place in the old town. Some whisper the best coffee is served here. Try the carrot cake!

Hollandia: High-quality coffee and pastries can be enjoyed at this simple but cosy café right in the middle of the main shopping street.

Café Mocca: Not really a place where you can sit, but great for a coffee to go. Located near Triangeln.

AB Småland: A concept store/café with a beautiful interior. Here you can enjoy eco-Fika and buy sustainable beauty products, clothing, decorations for your home and maaaany plants. Plus, upstairs they hold various workshops and presentations, mostly in Swedish but keep an eye out in case they organize an event in English.

In every café, you can ask for a lactose-free and vegan option, like soja or oat milk.

TIP: Show your student or Mecenat card for discounts!


Student pub: Serves the cheapest drinks in town! Next to your standard Heineken en Briska's you can also get tasty IPA's and shots from various liquors. You have to be a member of Studentkåren to get into the pub but once you are a member you can come every Wednesday and Friday (even bring two friends who are non-members as guests) and sing or dance the night away (usually closes around midnight or 1 AM on Friday).

Family pub: Next to the Student pub one of the cheapest bars in Malmö.

Vegan bar: Not only can you enjoy delicious, vegan food here, but their beers (40 Kronor for 0,4l) are not too bad either.

Basement: Located right in the heart of oldtown, this small but cosy pub has reasonably priced beers and a great ambience.

Malmö Brewing Co: A brewery in the middle of Malmö brewing craft beer. They also offer tours and tastings!

Sky bar at the Clarion hotel: Get your fancy cocktails and beers here for a bargain. Plus, the view is amazing from the second highest building in Malmö. Walk right in and take the elevator with the single button to the 25th floor.


Malmö Saluhall: Right next to Gäddan you can find Malmö very own indoor food market. Farmers markets and alfresco dining are the focus here. Find local traders offering you everything from local veggies to handmade ice cream to free-range pig meat. Of course, not extremely low-budget but a great way to get to know the local food scene.

Malmö farmers market: Held every Saturday morning at Drottningtorget from mid-spring to mid-autumn. Find here your Swedish local products such as wild picked strawberries, chanterelle mushrooms and home-made jams and other preservatives.

Möllevangstorget: Fresh fruits and veggies can be found here daily from early in the morning till 3 PM.

Fiskehoddorna: Nowadays you wouldn't think that Malmö used to be a small fishers village but a bit outside the city centre, near the beach, you can still find cute coloured wooden houses where freshly caught fish and other sea delicacy is being sold.