Are you up for some wild spring carnival action?

It is again time for the absolute Swedish tradition of the year, and a MUST experience for all internationals: Valborg, "Siste April" ("Last of April")

This event goes best without too much explanations: 
It is the "biggest spontaneous picnic" arranged to wildly celebrate the arrival of spring all around Sweden. 

Since the place to be for this celebration is in the student city Lund, we team up with all our Malmö people, to together invade ourselves a truly international spot in the park, in the middle of all the heat and action! 


As the name hints, the event in general takes place 30th April, from the early morning (we're talking 7am early!) until the next morning (at least). 
However, ESN Malmö will be joining the fun a bit past 10 o'clock, gathering up at Lund C that time. However long you decide to stay in Lund is entirely up to you!


EVERYWHERE IN SWEDEN! But we are aiming to the centre of it all: Stadsparken in Lund. 
(Location on map:


Simply meet us 10:00 AM at Lund Central Railway Station (Lund C). 
The easiest way to reach us, is to take the train (approx. 10-15min) from Malmö C. They run for example 9:29 / 9:32 / 09:44 / 09:48 during that morning. Be prepared for a little crowdedness! 
We will be waiting for you right outside the station with an ESN flag. 

The reason we meet up this early, is simply that we want to try and guarantee getting a spot, since the Stadsparken will be completely packed from the early morning! 

If you decide to arrive later, it is of course possible. We will try to post guidance to our location and our contact information once we are there. 
However, you should be aware that there will be very, very, very many other people (which makes finding certain group of people difficult), and the phone connections might be slow, or even down. Consider your options cautiously! :) 


* Your picnic gear
* Your drinks 
* Your best celebration mood! 


* Fancy clothes (we are outdoors, and in the spirit of Valborg, anything could happen!) 

* Valuable items 

Think of it as a festival, what would or wouldn't you take? Tent is not gonna be necessary :) 

You can read more about the traditional Valborg here:

We hope to see you on spot!