Are you ready to rave the Baltic Sea?

The ESN Sea Battle and ESN Malmö invite you all of you Vikings on board for another legendary event!

What is the Sea Battle? 

The ESN Sea Battle is an international cruise between Stockholm, Sweden, and Riga, Latvia. 
The event is organised by ESN Sweden and is attended by 1800 international students from 4 ESN countries (ESN Denmark, ESN Lithuania, ESN Norway and ESN Sweden). It is (twice a year!) the biggest ESN event in Europe, uniting students from multiple ESN countries on one cruise ship on the Baltic Sea!


What is included?

*Accommodation: In a kick-ass cabin together with the friends you want to share it with!

*An all you can eat buffet for one night of the trip. The buffet consists of all kinds of food and includes as much beer, wine, and cider as you want!

*All activities on board: live shows, karaoke, crazy games, Salsa dance lessons, dance the famous ESN Sea Battle dance, theme parties on multiple dance floors and bars, sauna and much more!

*A kick-ass Sea Battle T-shirt & goodie bag so you can remember the experience forever

* Entrance to the bars and nightclubs in the ship

* There is a duty-free shop on the boat 



3rd-5th April


What is the Price?

The price for a ticket is 850 SEK.


How to get my ticket?

Go to this website -->
Enter the section unique booking-code: 
--> ESN Malmö Booking Code: 4385 


Departure and arrival times: 

Monday, 3rd April: Stockholm - Riga (for ESN Sweden, ESN Norway, ESN Denmark and International guests)
Departure from Stockholm: 17:00
Arrival in Riga: 10:00 (SWEDISH TIME!)

Tuesday, 4th April: Riga - Stockholm
Departure from Riga: 16:30 (SWEDISH TIME!)
Arrival in Stockholm: 10:30



How to get to Stockholm and back to Malmö? 

The most common way would be by train, but it is also possible to get there by bus or maybe even by car pooling.

Train: is the Swedish rail company that offers various travels every day. is another company, that also offers trips to Stockholm, using older trains. Usually cheaper, but takes longer time.

The bus will probably be cheaper than the train but naturally takes a longer time. There are a large variety of companies that commute between Stockholm and Malmö daily, ie. Flixbus, Swebus, Nettbus…

Probably one of the cheapest options, try for instance



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So, are you ready to rave the Sea?

03/04/2017 to 05/04/2017
Contact details: 
Check out the official ESN Sea Battle page here:

If you have any questions, you can email us at [email protected] or contact us through facebook