Join us in learning how to bake some traditional Swedish pastries, "semlor", which are traditionally eaten during 'fettisdagen' (Fat Tuesday) on 28th of February. A semla is a cardamom-spiced wheat bun, which has its top cut off, and is then filled with a mix of milk and almond paste, topped with whipped cream - delicious!

For the baking, everything will be provided by us, you simply need to show up and be ready to learn and bake!

Read more about the importance of the Semla here:

You can also read more about different cultural variations of Fettisdagen, or Shrove Tuesday here:

The event is free and open for all students of Malmö University - hope to see you there!

28/02/2017 - 17:00
Kölsvinet, Bassängkajen 8