ESN Malmö warmly welcomes all the members to partake in our extraordinary Annual General Meeting, that will be held on Thursday 18th of May, 17:15, at the Student Union building (Bassängkajen 8). 

The annual meeting provides you the chance to: 

- Get to meet other ESN members and active members, as well as new and old board members

- Find out how you can be more involved inside ESN

- Get a deeper insight on the functioning of ESN as an organization

- Get an overview of the different board positions and how they contribute in keeping our activities running

- Vote (ESN members only), and therefore be a part of decision-making for the upcoming academic year

- Bring forth any ideas, suggestions, or improvements to the current work of ESN Malmö and the international student life!

- Enjoy some luxury fika and minglewith like-minded people!

Following points will be discussed during the Annual General Meeting: 

- The Annual financial report;
- Approval of the budget for the next fiscal year;
- Annual position reports;
- Determination of an action plan for the next study year;
- Decision of discharge of the leaving board;
- Presenting the new board;
- Possible improvements for the upcoming year;

The agenda and other documents will be made available to all the members latest one week before the meeting takes place! 

IF you are NOT a member of ESN, but would like to participate, please send us a message! Board-approved guests are welcome, though they won't be eligible to vote. 

IF you have any allergies, that you would like us to take into consideration, please let us know so we can make our fika suitable for everybody!