Mary Wardak / Communication Manager & Web Page Administrator

Hej, everyone! My name is Mary, a 25-year old joyful spirit who came all the way from the land of cheese, tulips and other greens to enjoy the Scandinavian lifestyle here in Malmö. Back in my hometown Groningen I studied scenography at an art academy and decided to develop some extra knowledge in media and communication ... in Sweden! Except for the fact that as an EU-citizen you can enjoy free education here in Sweden, I also got attracted to the beautiful landscapes, fresh air and being part of an international community. 

Why the ESN board?
Five years ago I did my exchange in Finland and loved the Nordic region so much that I decided to come back for a bit longer. The best experience of my adventure abroad was meeting people from all over the world and listening to their stories, exploring different cultural backgrounds and tasting the many foreign flavours. Having been involved in ESN Groningen as a part of their many committees it felt natural for me to join ESN Malmö, but this time as part of a board! Being involved in this organisation for such a long time I can look back on an amazing adventure where I gained countless valuable friendships with people all over Europe where I am oh so grateful for.

Function description
As the Communication Manager and Web Page Administrator, I am responsible for all the online and offline visibility of ESN Malmö, ensuring that our values and principles are communicated in the right way to our audience. Working daily with social media also makes me one of the most visible board members. Walking the thin line between oversharing and informing I often have to think about media strategies and plan all my posts ahead. But as this position also allows me to experiment with graphic design and photography it stimulates my creativity and keeps me satisfied with my work.
Some random facts about me: 
- A year ago I picked up a ukulele and cannot get enough of it ever since. 
- Even though I love to travel I have a fear of flying (and high heights in general) and squeal during turbulence. 
- Lover of hiking, personal record: 784 KM in 35 days
- Things I will wake up for: Dogs. 
Cannot wait to meet everyone and hear your stories!
Much love,