Anja Apfel / Activity Manager
Hej! My name is Anja Apfel, 24 years old and I am one of the Activity managers of the ESN Board 2017/2018. I’m coming from a small town in southern Germany and stayed there until I finished High School. Afterwards I moved to England and worked there as an Au pair for a year and I fell in love going abroad, facing challenges and the most important; meeting new and lovely people. As I always loved bigger cities, I decided to start my Bachelor in Psychology in Vienna, Austria and enjoyed three amazing years in this beautiful city. However, I wanted a new challenge and decided to do my Masters abroad. Now here I am in Malmö, studying criminology in one of my favourite countries. When I am not studying, I like to write, going to the gym or play badminton and having cosy evenings with my friends.
Why the ESN Board?
I always enjoyed being in an international environment and meeting new people. I was very happy when I came to Malmö with the support exchange- and international -students received from ESN. After settling in, I am more than happy to share my experience with new students and help them to have a great start to their international year(s) as well. That’s why I love to have the position as an activity manager because I can create an environment, where people can meet each other and enjoy their time.
Random Facts about me:
I am super clumsy and always having at least one bruise somewhere.
I am obsessed with dogs and really struggling not having our family dog here in Malmö.
I hated to cycle all my life, but since I am living in Malmö I’d rather take the bike than the bus. 

Johnny Corr / Activity Manager
Hey there, I’m Jonathan but everybody calls me Johnny. I’m 23 and I come all the way from the Emerald Isles of Ireland. I am now working towards my second degree in European Studies, my first having been Journalism. I try to live life in the moment so I chose to move to Malmö on a whim, and luckily it’s been the best choice I’ve made so far.
Why the ESN Board?
Sometimes you just feel like you have a calling and for me it was ESN. After experiencing an amazing introduction week I knew that I just had to get involved. Being able to work for ESN is great, I love getting involved with social events and bringing people together.
What do I do?
Well lucky for me I have the responsibility of creating events for all the students of Malmö to enjoy. This involves working closely with the other activity manager and applying our creative sides.
A Little More About Me

I have a serious obsession with dogs.

I really enjoy cooking Italian food...and eating it.

I love travelling the world.

I am a history nerd.