Since the accommodation situation in Malmö is not perfect, especially amongst students, there are many people who try to take advantage of the situation. For this reason, please be careful when looking through all these channels, and NEVER pay anything to anyone before seeing the place yourself and writing a contract (especially if the 'owner' claims to be living abroad). I don't mean to make you afraid, as long as you follow these few tips, you'll be fine.


Here you can find a collection of ways to find a place to live in Malmö, specifically when coming to study as a student on an exchange or moving here for a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

This is the University's own housing portal, where people can leave announcements, and announce their own need for an apartment. Check this place often (it is available in English), since it updates frequently.

This is one of the biggest online marketplaces in Sweden, and they also have a considerably big portal for housing. Unfortunately, it is only in Swedish, but I you can find instructions on how to find the apartment announcements here. Blocket is a good place to get a baseline for what the cost of living is like in Malmö.


Boplats Syd is the most commonly used portal for housing, and also the most official one. To use it you will need to place yourself in the queue, pay 300kr / year and wait an approximate 2 months - 6 months to get a student apartment, and years to get a normal apartment. In addition, as an international student without a swedish personnummer (Personal ID Number) you will have to pay 3 months deposit for your apartment.


Malmö Studenthus (Rosengård)


This is the website of one of the biggest student houses in Malmö (not associated with the university in any way), and they sometimes have available apartments - you should contact them! They are absolutely terrible at updating their website as you may be able to tell, but you should apply in any case. Apartments are available in the sizes of 21m2, 26m2 and 31m2 (with or without balcony and unfurnished) and you will have the kitchen, toilet and bathroom all to yourself. There are also laundry and common rooms for you to use freely. Buses from the Studenthus go frequently to the city center and to university (15-20 minutes bus ride). If you do not have a Swedish personal number be prepared to pay three months rent in advance.


Rönnen International
Accommodation in the official student housing, Rönnen, is handled by the international office and only in connection with your arrival as an exchange student. Rooms come furnished and you have your own bedroom and bathroom. The kitchen and common room are shared with other students living on the same floor.


Student Union Sofa Project

In case of emergency, you can sign up for the Sofa Project where you can cheaply, and temporarily, sign up to borrow/rent a sleeping place with a student in Malmö. Check it out here.



There are also many good Facebook groups for announcing available rooms/apartments, and many have announcements in English. Even if the ads are not in English, it is completely fine to respond to a Swedish ad in English. Here are the most current ones:


Lägenheter i Malmö

Kollektiv i Skåne

Lägenheter Säljes/Uthyres/Bytes/Sökes i Malmö

International Students at Malmö University


To all of these you could post your own announcement stating that you will be coming in as exchange/international students, where you are from, what you are looking for and when will you be arriving. Also keep an eye on what other people post!



Hostels in Malmö:

Rut & Ragnars Vandrarhem

Nobelvägen 113

STF Malmö City Hotel

Rönngatan 1​


Idunsgatan 22​

Bosses Gästvåningar
Södra Förstadsgatan 110B

Some of the cheapest hotels:

Moment Hotels

Norra Vallgatan 54



Ferens Väg 20


​​​​Astoria Hotel​

Gråbrödersgatan 7


​​​Park Inn

Sjömansgatan 2

Airbnb may also be worth it short term  – the price range in the centre of the city is 200kr – 700kr (around 20 – 70 euros per night)